Let’s Work Together

How We Do

How We Do

The creative process that we follow is meant to create the best visual solution possible for our clients.



The first step to get the work done kicks off with an email/phone call by the client, showing interest to develop a design project.

Design Briefing

Though we can work remotely for a client located in any part of the World, in case the client is geographically located in the same city as ours, we would love to meet you to discuss the creatives face-to-face along with your requirements, needs and budget.

Project Quote

Right after the design brief, we send a quote of an estimated project cost.



We carry out a research or study of the project, that includes studying your industry, your background and the particular branding strategy that we might take up so as to develop the best visual solution possible.


We make the draft of the first ideas of the concept and visual of the design. We gather all graphic elements that need to be applied in the final solution.


Without waiting any further, we start creating the proposal and mockups at this stage. This is the phase when the look and the feel of the project is defined and given a definitive shape. Depending on your requirement, we offer as much as three different versions of design.


Initial Design

We present the design versions based on the client’s initial brief and look forward to receiving the client’s feedback.


After one round of iteration, a version is finally mutually decided that is revised and adjusted as per the client’s directions. Here the only goal that we pursue is client’s satisfaction. Any further interactions ischargable.


After iterations, we go through the final version multiple times after receiving the client’s approval so as to bring it to the level of final production. This can be for printing or digital use.


For Printing Products

We provide the print-ready files at this stage. However, we can also take care of the printing and delivery of the product, only if required by the client.

For Digital Products

We email or create a shared Dropbox folder for easy and quick access, where we release all the final files to the client to be used whenever needed.

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